Hybrid Bike Vs MTB

Hybrid Bike Vs MTB: Which Is Right For You?

Are you in a dilemma while trying to purchase your bike? Well, it’s easy to get caught between the mountain bike (MTB) vs hybrid cycle dilemma, given that both are practical and robust machines. Both these bikes look quite familiar, and come with disc brakes, wide tires, and handlebars. Besides, I have also ridden many of such bikes that are available with front suspension.

The design of MTBs enables you to tackle technical climbs and steep descents. So, if you frequently go off-roading, you can benefit from them. Hybrid bikes, on the other hand, are ideal for riding within the city. Efficient and comfortable, you can ride them along light trails and broken roads.

But this is not everything. In this article, I have extensively discussed the differences between mountain bikes and hybrid cycles along with their pros and cons. Let’s explore the details.

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Gear Vs Non-gear Cycle

Gear Vs Non-gear Cycles : Which Is Better For You?

Are you excited to buy a new bicycle? In case you’re still having a hard time choosing between gear and normal cycles, I’m going to help you out. Don’t worry, this is quite a common dilemma faced by individuals choosing a new cycle.

When we compare gear vs non-gear cycles, we can see that both have their benefits and drawbacks that you need to evaluate for choosing the right one. Regardless of whichever bicycle you decide to go for, you’ll find plenty of good cycles to choose from.

Among different types of cycles, the whole concept of a geared cycle is new to you, here’s a quick overview of how it works. Traditional gearless cycles have only one speed ratio, and the speed depends solely on how fast you pedal.

On the other hand, there are several chainrings and cogs among which you can move the chain in geared cycles. This chain shifting is referred to as changing the gear, allowing you to change the cycle’s speed ratio.

But, which is a better choice? Let’s compare.

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Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape

The Effects Of Cycling On Body Shape

I have met health enthusiasts and fitness freaks who have a conception that cycling helps in shaping the lower parts of the body. Personally, I have been cycling for more than a decade. I realized that this is a versatile exercise that benefits in strengthening body parts and maintain a good shape.

To give you some idea, cycling helps in increasing your height, losing the weight, toning your biceps and triceps, strengthening your calf, ankles, and hamstring muscles, and building core strength in your legs. Besides, you can fancy a flat stomach on cycling regularly. No wonder, why people who find it tough to find time for regular workouts at gyms engage in cycling.

I have extensively discussed the effect of cycling on body shape in this article for your help.

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Does cycling increase height

6 Ways To Increase Height While Cycling

Being a cycling enthusiast, I have often found avid cyclists discussing the possibilities of increasing their height by indulging in this vigorous sport. The answer to whether cycling can help you increase your height or not is a bit tricky. Although the answer is yes, exploring the ‘how’ and ‘when’ aspects of cycling is imperative.

Well, cycling can be a great exercise that can help you burn fat. Besides being eco-friendly, cycling does help you increase height! However, there’s always a right way to go about it, and also at the right time.

So, what would be the right way to cycle?

And what would be the right age to start cycling so that you can gain height?

I have extensively discussed these aspects in this article. Moreover, I have recommended some of the best diets for cyclists like you who are looking for ways to get taller. This way, you can complement your physical exercise with the right kind of food to optimize the health benefits.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cycling

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cycling

As a easy-available and healthy exercise, cycling suits people of all ages. Besides being a pollution-free and cheap mode of transportation inside your city, cycling offers many health benefits.

If you are someone who tries to blend regular exercise with your daily lifestyle, riding to the market or even work turns out to be a viable option. Statistics reveal that more than 1 billion people use bicycles for sports, recreation, and transportation purposes each day.

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Cycle vs Bicycle vs Bike

Difference Between Cycle, Bicycle & Bike

The terms cycle, bicycle, and bike are easy to mix up, as they’re often used synonymously. For instance, by bike, one could mean either a bicycle or a motorcycle. If you’re looking for a two-wheeler or doing some research on finding the best ones, this can be quite frustrating.

Don’t worry, this article will quell your doubts on this matter. Regardless of whether you simply want to understand the terminologies of cycle, bicycle and bike or need some help with deciding what to purchase, it should be of help.

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different types of cycles in India

Different Types Of Cycles: A Journey On Two Wheels

With the recent and much-needed buzz around global warming, cycling is no more just a mode of commute. People, especially the youth, are now becoming more flexible in using different types of cycles following the latest trend. With advanced and brand new models of cycles available in the market, we are also getting used to the idea cycling, as fun exercise as it is, can also be pursued as a serious career.

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